Story of Firewall Biopaint Oy

Funders Ari Sikiö and Muhsin Dermirci have a long history together. They met in 1995 when Ari was importing cars and Muhsin was in the car repair business. 2008 when they found a fire resistant paint, that was totally ecological the idea of Firewall Biopaint Oy was born.

In the first phase the paint was too thick and they had to change the consistency. When the consistency was adjusted, it struggled to stick to the wall. Muhsin had connections to a Turkish paint factory who agreed to help him with product development. It took four months to get the paint perfected.

Muhsin has been deeply involved in product development and has been learning all that there is to learn about fire resistant products. Ari has contacted several stakeholders spreading the word of this new groundbreaking fire resistant paint that is entirely ecological, non-toxic, and odorless.

“Our mission is to bring the best ecological fire resistant products to the market. Few years have passed in product research and development but now we have CE-approvals in our hands for our first product: Firewall Biopaint 2″, tells Muhsin. Ari continues: “We are ready to start sales and cooperation with industry and wholesale. Getting the Firewall Biopaint 2 approved is just a start. We have other products under development. All ecological and quite groundbreaking”.