CE approved ecological fire resistant paint


Both of these constructions are CE approved.

Our paint is now officially CE approved fire resistant ecological paint. We recently received our CE test results from the fire test laboratory and confirmed international approval of our paint by two bodies – the gypsum and plywood panel wall system and cypsum panel wall system. We received an approval for the plywood and gypsum panel wall system: EI60, E60. Read the full report for the gypsum and plywood construction.

For gypsum panel wall system the results were even better: EI90, E90. In the test the outer layer exposed to side facing the fire was painted with our Firewall Biopaint 2. Read the full report for the gypsum construction.

Just imagine the results we could achieve by painting the panel from both sides, or by painting each of the four panels in the system! Please, contact us for more information.